Vehicle: 77 Volvo
Dress: 16 Layers of Cole Haan
Housing: Duplex near campus
Friends: Areobics Instructors, Alumni Gym
Nicknames: Dr. Smoothalicious

Young Professor Guy is like an experienced surgeon when it comes to Co-eds and other professors. His wit and demeanor scream out “safety, honor, plaid” while his eyes tell a different story: “mystery, intrigue, pleats.”

Young Professor Guy is cool not only because he IS smart, but because he also DRESSES smart. He always makes sure that his clothes fit, but not too snuggly. His hair flows like it is being blown about by the really cold a/c in the library. His spectacles are wire rimmed, and were two for $99 at Lenscrafters.

Young Professor Guy NEVER wears a tie, and rarely wears underwear.