Vehicle: 1976 Ford Bronco
Dress: Spandex All ‘Round
Housing: Near the Y
Friends: Health Store Chick, Old Boss
Nicknames: Conan, Rambo

Work Out Guy needs no introduction. He is the one that is always at the gym, always checking out the ladies, and always lookin cool. He doesn’t work out much, that would make him sweaty and stuff, but boy does it look like he does!

Work Out Guy has all of the right equipment, including the no-slip sneakers, full body spandex snuggly (with low-neck tank top option), and one other piece of equipment we Cool Guys call ‘The Scowl.’ This ‘scowl’ has been perfected by Work Out Guy, it is the menacing look that only comes from the right combination of coolness and muscle. RRRRRGGHHHH!!

Work out guy never showers with other guys. He likes to keep some things a mystery, adding to his mystique around the gym.