Telling yourself that happiness is usually a fantasy that can’t last? 20. Or, are you simply endlessly criticizing yourself, telling yourself what a horrible failure you are and that nobody would ever approve of you if they only knew the reality? Self-punishment. It’s an epidemic. It’s not just a person concern, either. Communities and nations sabotage their own well-being on a consistent basis. And everything boils down to the same issue that each individual faces. And there are unlimited ways to do it actually.The end point was defined a priori as a risk difference exceeding 20 %age points.01 thought to indicate statistical significance). Since safety was not really the reason behind performing this interim analysis, patient enrollment continuing.001). On May 21, 2012, the committee recommended that further recruitment to the trial become discontinued, that follow-up of all 230 children included so far be completed, that blinding be preserved during data analyses, and that the total results end up being reported according to accepted standards.21,22 Results Enrollment A total of 1133 eligible children with tympanostomy tubes were authorized for the trial potentially; their parents had been willing to allow them to participate in the trial in case acute tympanostomy-tube otorrhea developed.