DAIDS agreed to give Gilead 30 days to touch upon the manuscript, but there was no agreement to accept suggestions. The first author wrote the first draft of the manuscript and made a decision to post the manuscript for publication. The process data and statistician supervisor vouch for the accuracy of the data, and the process site and chair investigators attest to the completeness of the reported data. Statistical Analysis Data were collected on case-statement forms and faxed to a DataFax server at DF/Net Analysis. It was decided that the observation of 85 incident HIV infections would yield a power of at least 80 percent with a one-sided alpha degree of 0.05 to reject a null hypothesis of efficacy of 30 percent or much less if the real efficacy were 60 percent or even more.Meanwhile, South Dakota's governor won't rule out expanding Medicaid in the future and Ohio lawmakers are poised to give themselves greater oversight of the program following the governor bypassed them to expand it. The New York Times: October Medicaid Applications Much Outpace Enrollment Through Exchanges The Obama administration said Tuesday that 1.46 million people had applied and been found qualified to receive Medicaid or the Children's MEDICAL HEALTH INSURANCE Program in October, a lot more than had selected an exclusive health strategy in the new insurance marketplaces .