In the fitness industry many people have become focused on losing weight and the people who are seeking to add excess weight have not really been given a lot of attention. There are numerous drugs and articles which offer solutions of slimming down. People who are wanting to gain weight therefore have been left out of the equation. Gaining weight isn’t super easy if your problems are gene related especially. Many people end up wasting a complete lot of there energy seeking ways to put on weight. The only way you can be able to gain healthy excess weight is through; taking the correct nutrition, using a proper training curriculum, and maintaining higher level of motivation.To find compounds which were even more selective BMP inhibitors , Hong and co-workers opted to make use of their zebrafish medication discovery display as a drug advancement/optimization device. Craig Lindsley, Ph.D., director of Medicinal Chemistry for the Vanderbilt Plan in Drug Discovery, Corey Hopkins, Ph.D., associate director, and their co-workers utilized the dorsomorphin ‘backbone’ as a starting point to synthesize many different analogs – subtly different dorsomorphin-like compounds. Then Hong and his team tested these substances for their results on zebrafish embryonic advancement.