There are about 17 .4 million beneficiaries enrolled in drug development plans and only about 7.6 million beneficiaries enrolled in the plans, the comprehensive coverage, including drug benefits, the AP / USA Today reports offer. Actuary the average premium for both drugs offered only plans and drug coverage from private Medicare Advantage plans. Monthly premiums for drug-only plans are expected to be from $ 27 this year, increasing to $ 31 next year, and premiums for MA drug plans by $ by $ 18 per month to $ 21 to $ 21 next year (CQ HealthBeat, According CMS, the increase rising drug costs, higher projections for catastrophic drug coverage and the end of a demonstration project.

###The study, funded by NSF by Noah by Noah T. Goldberg at Stanford University and Stuart J. Greaves at the University of Bristol, UK and included Zare, Jianyang Zhang and Daniel J. Miller, all from Stanford University, and Eckart Wrede of the University of Durham.

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