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Caritas Christi Healthcare as well as other donors has one additional $ 2 million in of supplies and finance.. The other scholars – investigator in in the study were Adrienne Boire, of Tufts-NEMC which MORI and Tufts University School of Medicine Department of Biochemistry of, Lidia Covic, of MORI and Medical Center Division of Hematology Oncology and, Anika Agarwal, und Susanne Jacques, from MORI and Sheida Sherifi, ehemals NEMC, Buy now at the Department of Pathology the Mt Auburn Hospital – published in Cell, Volume 120, Number 3 , February 2005, pages 303-313.

WhatPhilips Healthcare donates nearly $ 1 million medicinal equipment and consumables be can be used by a team of Caritas Christi clinician passed from the Sacre Coeur Hospital, to Milot, north of Port-au-Prince.