Capek, Ph.D., executive vice president, Medical Products, Abbott. Evalve is normally on the cutting edge with its nonsurgical approach to treating structural heart disease. With this breakthrough mitral valve fix technology, physicians will be able to offer their patients a minimally invasive option to open heart medical procedures – – not unlike the chance that stents provided a lot more than 2 decades ago for the treating coronary artery disease. Mitral regurgitation, a condition that prevents the mitral valve from closing completely, may be the most common kind of center valve insufficiency in Europe and the United States, and affects thousands of people worldwide.The DYRK1B locus on 19q13 has been associated with type 2 diabetes42,43 and traits associated with the metabolic syndrome44 in genomewide association studies. This raises the issue of whether common genetic variants in DYRK1B are also associated with these traits in the general population. Most if not all carriers of the DYRK1B R102C and H90P mutations had been obese, had diabetes and hypertension, and met the criteria for the metabolic syndrome. These observations suggest the broad and important aftereffect of the mutated gene and suggest that the clustering of the average person risk factors imparts extremely high cardiovascular risk to mutation carriers. Very little is known approximately the function of DYRK1B and its own role in human disease.47 Loss-of-function mutations in KSR2 have already been shown to be associated with childhood insulin and obesity resistance.