Research participants had similar responses to therapy irrespective of their AR-V7 position. PSA responses were accomplished in 41 % of AR-V7-positive men and in 65 % of AR-V7-negative guys . This 41 % PSA response rate to taxane therapy is usually notable as the PSA response price to abiraterone or enzalutamide in AR-V7-positive individuals was 0 % in the authors' prior study. The median progression-free survival to taxane therapy was also comparable in AR-V7-positive and AR-V7-harmful men .A comprehensive overview of thrombotic adverse events, based on the MedWatch pharmacovigilance system, also showed a low incidence of thrombotic problems associated with the usage of rFVIIa , even though risk of thrombosis was higher among patients treated with rFVIIa than among those treated with other hemostatic agents.38 As the authors of the overview state correctly, differences in adverse-event reporting procedures among the many compounds may possess contributed to the observed difference in the price of thrombotic events. Used together, the info show that the use of rFVIIa for an authorized indication is connected with a rate of thromboembolic occasions of significantly less than 1 percent.