We utilized data from the Prostate Tumor Outcomes Research , a population-based cohort of males in whom prostate cancer have been diagnosed in the mid-1990s and who had been followed prospectively for 15 years. The institutional review table at each participating site approved the analysis and accepted a finished study as implied consent . Details of the methods and objectives of the PCOS have been reported previously.7-9 In the PCOS, investigators sampled 5672 of the 11,137 eligible cases, with intentional oversampling of cases of males under the age of 60 years and Hispanic and black men in specific registries.Tumor deaths and incidence rates, with colorectal malignancy among the top three cancers with significant declines. ASGE, representing the specialists in colorectal malignancy screening, is definitely excited by the record showing that colorectal cancer deaths among men and women dropped 4.3 % per year between 2002 and 2005. The incidence rate for colorectal cancer dropped 2.8 % each year among men and dropped 2.2 % each year among women between 1998 and 2005. The scholarly study, issued annually since 1998 by the American Cancers Society, the National Tumor Institute, the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, and the UNITED STATES Association of Central Tumor Registries, demonstrated for the very first time a simultaneous decline in both cancer tumor death prices and incidence rates in men and women.