Vehicle: M Class
Dress: The North Face
Housing: Condo with Jacuzzi
Friends: Other dudes with Jacuzzis
Nicknames: Blade, G, The guy that shows off All of the Time.

This cool guy needs no introduction when seen on the slopes in Tahoe or Aspen. He is so cool that ski season can’t start until he shows up and does a run on a double black on one ski.

You’ll often see Skiing Guy being followed by attractive chicks that wear only white snow suits and no underwear. After a hard day of skiing, Skiing Guy often busts out his guitar at the lodge and sings popular tunes by Lionel Richie and Elton John.

Things to remember about Cool Skiing Guy:

•If you fall on the slopes, look up the mountain as if to say “Im waiting for someone, and will start a playful snowball fight when they come down the hill. I fell on purpose”