Vehicle: Jeep
Dress: Abercombie
Housing: Yellow Condo
Friends: Everyone
Nicknames: Big Guy, Cassanova

This cool guys reminds us that it is SO COOL to be loved and admired by girls.

The proper way to fill this Cool Guys shoes is to remember that ANY chick is fair game. Even if she has a so called “boyfriend,” or “husband.”

Since he has a bitchin’ jeep, guys will flock to this cool guy in hopes that he will take them on a ride, hopefully following after a convertible Pontiac filled with JV cheerleaders.

The key, though, is his sensitivity when it comes to a woman’s needs. He has a stash of birthday cards and heart-shaped candies in his glove compartment, not to mention ACTUAL leather driving gloves

He has a nickname for his penis, like “The Admiral,” or “The Pearl Painter.” He also knows all of the words to N’Sync’s new ballad “I Will Cherish you Till the Day We are Together and I will Make Love to You with No Strings Attatched Under the Bleachers.”