Searing Heat, Great Humidity a Threat to Your Health: – MONDAY, Aug. 17, 2015 – – Hot, humid weather will blanket a lot of the eastern USA the first half of this week, putting millions of people at risk for heat-related health issues. From Washington, D.C., to Philadelphia, to NY, to Boston, temperatures will run as high mainly because the mid-90s, unusually warm because of this late in summer. Extreme heat and humidity also extends into Canada, monday with Toronto projected to attain a high of 90 degrees, with a heat index of 104 degrees if you element in the humidity.Formaldehyde is usually a known carcinogen that is also known to cause respiratory problems and can exacerbate complications in people who have asthma and other breathing problems, Spaeth commented. While he said that the nagging problem is actually a concern for those who head to nail salons frequently, it’s even more of a bigger issue for those who work with the merchandise. Poor ventilation and improper tools – like using the wrong masks – can result in health issues. Spaeth says it’s pretty common to observe nail salon workers with breathing problems. Part of the problem lies in the actual fact that lots of nail salon workers are of different ethnicities and could not have a control of the English vocabulary warnings.