Advanced Wellness Sciences Pavilion wins prestigious design award from American Institute of Architects California Council Cedars-Sinai's new Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion, made to bring individual care and translational analysis together in one site and motivate scientists and physicians to collaborate when developing new treatments, offers won a prestigious design award from the American Institute of Architects California Council. The new building, on the eastern advantage of the Cedars-Sinai campus at the part of San Vicente Boulevard and Gracie Allen Drive, has been named to the firm's 2013 Style Award list.Based on your eye health, you might require more frequent screening. 2. Commit to a healthy diet plan and lifestyle A healthy diet may not assist you to against Glaucoma, but it’s certainly going to assist you to you’re your mental and physical health. It may help you with weight and blood circulation pressure management also. Fill your plate more with green vegetables, seasonal fruits, and wholesome food such as for example lentils and rice, mix vegetables, etc.