Supta Matsyendra Asana 1. Lie down straight on your cross and back over your left leg together with your right leg. Now, your left leg is normally places at right angle to your torso. 2. Then, place your correct hand on the wall structure for support. Keeping your back flat on to the floor, twist your torso slowly. 3. Hold this placement for two minutes. Similarly, do it again the same set of steps in the contrary side. Benefits: The supine spine twist asana assists heal sore muscle tissue in your hamstrings and back.Of course, you have to be ready to change your pace to encourage little talks. 7. Pay attention to music. Long length running is certainly a mental activity just as much as it is a physical task, and that means you need to get motivated and motivated to keep your body moving. Music will it well by maintaining your brain off the physical discomforts of running and relaxing your mental state. During a run, bring an music player with you and load it up with inspirational or your preferred music. Make sure your player has enough battery lifestyle to last the entire run.