Both factors function to remove unwanted fat from plaques in arteries, and the lower levels might donate to accelerated plaque formation. However, LDL – or ‘bad’ cholesterol – and triglyceride amounts, which are elevated in adults with cardiovascular disease, are at normal levels in kids with Progeria usually. Dr. Gordon – along with family and friends – founded the Progeria Research Base in 1999 as the only organization solely focused on discovering the cause, cure and treatment for Progeria after her son, now eight-years-old, was diagnosed with the disease.Some are made an appearance on the fold portion of the skin and over the belly portion and is worst by contact of sweat. Psoriasis sufferers develop arthritis in long term. It is called psoriatic arthritis. The finger joints and toe get affected Generally. Psoriasis is normally CURABLE IN HOMEOPATHY treatment. What it really is told in regular treatment that it’s incurable just their individual opinion, based based on the results attained with their treatment. But homeopathy has a good status in treatment of homeopathy. It isn’t like miracle or fortune based but scientifically works. In treatment for psoriasis the body immune system can be hyper reactive that causes the above pores and skin symptoms. In regular therapy the immune suppressive treatments are given.