Ryan. This patented technology relates to securing intraluminal devices, such as stent grafts, in the body.. ASIR technique reduces already low radiation dose delivered during CTC by another 50 percent: Study CTC can now use only one-quarter of the dose of an abdominal CT scanA newly adapted low-dosage computed tomography technique called adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction might help radiologists reduce the already low radiation dose delivered during CT colonography by another 50 %, according to a study published in the July issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology while reducing rays dose to only one-quarter of that delivered by a typical abdominal CT scan.During sleep, a complicated dance of metabolic changes, hormone releases, body repair and mind refreshment takes place. These procedures affect blood pressure, blood sugar, inflammation, tension hormones and a host of other factors that may increase risk of heart disease, the cardiologists said. ‘We know our anatomies each day need this capability to recharge our batteries, to put everything at ease and calm everything down,’ Urman said, adding that poor sleep has been associated with heart risk elements like diabetes and weight problems. Sleep is highly recommended part of a standard heart-healthy life style, Urman said. ‘This adds to the importance of obtaining a good night’s sleep regularly, in addition to regular exercise and a heart-healthy diet, in reducing threat of heart disease,’ he said.