Rachel Gerstein, PhD, associate professor of microbiology and physiological systems at UMMS, and co-writer of the scholarly research, notes that ‘the common age during diagnosis with DLBCL is definitely mid-60s. Therefore, it’s particularly exciting to connect a glitch in cellular aging within DLBCL to this malignancy that preferentially affects the elderly.’ A 2012 Cancer Research study by Drs. Zhang, Gerstein and colleagues found that mice deficient in Smurf2 gene expression developed spontaneous tumors, including B-cell lymphoma.Learn more tips on women wellness basis visit @.

Africa have to develop its pharmaceutical pipeline through creation of plan frameworks ‘To get away from its reliance on donor money and products from India, Africa must develop its own pharmaceutical pipeline by creating policy frameworks that encourage a fledgling medication industry,’ journalist Priya Shetty argues in this SciDev.Net opinion piece. ‘Although India’s drug market continues to churn out generics against killer illnesses such as HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, there is absolutely no end to resistance from global pharmaceutical businesses wanting to extend the duration of market exclusivity on their brand-name drugs to prevent competition from generics,’ she writes, and notes, ‘The Council on Health Analysis for Development forum, in April 2012 to be held in South Africa, will talk about how resource-poor nations can become more self-enough.’ Related StoriesStudy evaluates performance of antiretroviral treatment in HIV-contaminated childrenGHIT Fund invests $10.7 million to combat malaria, TB, leishmaniasis and dengueResearch provides network marketing leads for new ways of develop HIV vaccine’There’s another reason why African countries should test out developing a drugs industry – – the least-developed nations have until 2016 before they are bound by the international contract on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Real estate Rights , which dictates patent security for new drugs,’ she continues.