Lyon, Without LDTs, the practice of medicine that people know today would be severely reduced in scope. LDTs continue to play formative and important functions in delivery of preventative treatment, diagnosis, and disease administration, and AMP believes that only high quality, clinically and valid diagnostic tests ought to be performed in clinical laboratories analytically. Also, all laboratories should meet CLIA standards, stick to established guidelines, and look for appropriate accreditations and certifications. AMP believes a regulatory model should not hinder the practice of medicine, and it is important to recognize the value of the current oversight program for enabling medical laboratories to rapidly incorporate new results into practice also to change existing laboratory testing and their usage in accordance with advances in our understanding of scientific utility and disease pathogenesis.During consolidation therapy, hematologic adverse events occurred more often in patients who received high-dose melphalan than in those that received MPR. These occasions were mainly grade three or four 4 neutropenia and thrombocytopenia . Other quality 3 or 4 4 adverse events which were more common in patients who received high-dose melphalan were gastrointestinal occasions , attacks , and systemic events . During the maintenance phase, the most frequent grade 3 or 4 4 adverse events were neutropenia , attacks , and dermatologic events .