AMPYRA is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the improvement of walking in people who have MS. This was demonstrated by a rise in walking swiftness. The results in post-stroke deficits and CP usually do not effect AMPYRA's proven security and profile in people with MS efficacy.. Acorda Therapeutics reviews positive data from dalfampridine-ER post-stroke deficits trial Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. Post-stroke deficits make reference to persistent neurological deficits, such as for example impaired walking, motor and sensory function and manual dexterity that persist in people who have had a stroke.All rights reserved.. Aetna announces new fitness and nutrition plan for employers nationwide Aetna today announced a fresh team-based fitness and diet program for companies nationwide that uses on the web social networking to encourage folks of all health levels to interact with their colleagues to attain their optimal health. Powered by Shape Up THE COUNTRY, Aetna Wellness Connections Get Dynamic!D. In fact, many Aetna employees have shared amazing achievement stories about how the scheduled program helped them achieve and sustain healthy lifestyles.