Not merely are parents uncertain about which actions should be considered cyberbullying, they also don’t agree on penalties. With respect to the content of online rumors, for example, parents recommended punishment ranging from making the learning student apologize to reporting the pupil to police, Clark said. Growing acknowledgement of the hazards of bullying provides prompted demands tougher laws and college sanctions, but our poll shows the huge challenge in establishing very clear punishments and definitions for cyberbullying, she said. Schools should consider these differing opinions, in order to avoid criminalizing teen behavior that is hard to define and enforce consistently, Clark concluded.. Parents Differ on Description of Cyberbullying, Survey Shows: – THURSDAY, Sept. 24, 2015 – – Many American parents are concerned about cyberbullying, however they have different views on how best to define it and how it should be punished, a fresh survey finds.Monday with twelve activist groups Throughout a meeting, he said such discrimination will be punished, regarding to Li Hu. The condition is a sensitive issue for Li Keqiang, who was governor of Henan province in 1998 when tens of thousands of people contracted HIV from state-sponsored blood-buying bands with unhygienic procedures. Activists possess urged Li to acknowledge the government’s responsibility for the disaster and offer compensation, with little success.