Vehicle: PT Cruiser
Dress: Open Shirt, Denim
Housing: Apartment with an open terrace
Friends: Big Buckle Guy
Nicknames: Suave, Tico

Open Shirt Guy is constantly surrounded by chicks with big fake boobs. He got his style from his Dad, who was known in the neighborhood only as No Shirt Guy. Open Shirt Guy, however, took it one step back, and decided that he would add a little mystery, and only show 80% of his chest, and then later scaled it back to 60% after he got a really weird sunburn on Venice Beach.

Open Shirt Guy has close ties with Cowboy Guy, and has also been mistaken for Small Waist Guy. He is neither, and you can tell because he usually wears a leather strap under his watch. That is a telling sign.

What can we learn from Open Shirt Guy? Always keep your collar up when wearing a long sleeve denim shirt. Always keep your thumb hooked in left front pocket, and ALWAYS keep a cool stance, even when you’re waiting for the next urinal.