Vehicle: IROC
Dress: Fubu Tear-Away Pantz
Housing: With Ma’
Friends: Vinny, Johnny, Louie, Little Louie
Nicknames: Psycho, Bones, Donny, Shortcake

You can tell you are around Mafia Guy when there are a lot of chicks around that are named Marie and Mary Therese. There are also a bunch of guys named Rocko and da Little Guy. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, just try to copy whoever is around, and say “Get da Fuck Outta Here” a lot.

Mafia Guy gets his coolness from his Fubu sweat suit and his IROC. You will never see Mafia guy alone, he always has his boys around go give him a Newport Lite or to laugh at his jokes. Mafia Guy is not easy to become, but once you are him, you will never have troubles getting chicks or Spaghetti for free.

Try hanging around pizza parlors and beating people up at the opening nights of clubs in New York or New Jersey. And always call it ‘Jersey.’ And never wear socks.