Vehicle: 72 El Torino
Dress: Shorts, PornStar Hat
Housing: 2bdrm with three other lifeguards
Friends: Three other lifeguards
Nicknames: Skeeter, Boner

This cool guy is cool because he has a COOL job and he knows that if you are COOL, you RULE.

This cool guy is really good with the Fourteen Year old’s that frequent the Junior College Pool. Although he won’t take them home, he is not above making out with them in the Unisex Shower near the shallow end.

Skeeter knows that it is COOL to always carry a pen, that way he can write down phone numbers, or scribble a clever saying in the boys bathroom stall when he’s taking a dump.

When Skeeter is not guarding the pool in the summer, he has a job at Kinko’s and he also runs his own business re-selling copy paper, pens, and copier toner.