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Presence of thick closely-packed, pit-shaped nodules for life.Cysts Cysts, or pimples cysts, are sometimes misunderstood as nodules. However, cysts are a different kind of acne and are characterized by the presence of heavy pus. These can be very painful. Make sure to never squeeze or prick them as this activity can cause long lasting scarring. Squeezing cystic acne qualified prospects to spreading the illness on a much bigger scale.Rosacea Rosacea is available among people in the age group of 30+ typically. These are actually a complicated version of untreated pimples vulgaris. Rosacea begins as a slightly red lesion along the cheeks, chin and nose. It is probably the most severe types and can even distort the nose, a condition that’s known as rhinophyma.Mild-To-Moderate Types Mild situations of are characterised by the following features:These acne are temporary in nature and actually if left untreated, tend to resolve with time.A few precautions like good use and hygiene of commonly-available OTC medicines are sufficient to treat them.The most common mild/moderate acne types include:Whiteheads – – they are also known as as closed comedones and are formed due to a complete blockage of your skin pore.