The immune-modulation therapy developed by Salvatore Albani, M.D., Ph.D., UCSD professor of medicine and pediatrics, takes advantage of both the environmental and genetic the different parts of RA. In studies over the past 12 years, he offers centered on the immune system’s T cells, which trigger inflammation to kill and very clear foreign pathogens from the physical body. Albani reasoned that if the immune system of RA individuals could be altered, T cells might be less inclined to cause chronic inflammation. His research involved several components of the immune response, beginning with a sequence of amino acids expressed on the top of cells during an immune response. Known as a human leukocyte antigen , this sequence is made to recognize self – from non-self cells.Adya, Inc., he says, provides honored no such refunds and provides even refused to refund unopened item that Monarch spent thousands of dollars to have shipped back to Adya, Inc. Moreover, Adya Inc. Is threatening to sue Monarch for roughly $200,000 which the company claims can be owed by Monarch for product that he has already attempted to return to the company. In addition to the legal actions announced below, NaturalNews is initiating legal actions against Adya, Inc. So that they can force a court-ordered halt to the distribution and importation of Adya, Inc. Products in order to protect the health and safety of customers. Details of that action are to be announced soon here at