If you don’t learn how to manage them then you could actually end up aggravating the problem. Probably the most prevalent eye concerns that people experience are given below nowadays. You’ll also find some tips on how to treat and prevent these concerns. The first typical eye problem is the pink eye. Youngsters are inclined to acquiring this kind or kind of eye problem. For those who have children of your own, your young children may have previously had one in the past. If not, you will understand how to deal with it with the following information. Additionally, adults can have the conjunctivitis also. Inflammation of the optical eye may be the most distinct symptom of this eye concern. Itchiness, burning and stinging sensation will be the other symptoms that you ought to watch out for often.Further research shall probably be necessary for drug regulators in various countries to consider approving the medication, Karim said. The current trial was not primarily made to test tenofovir gel against HSV-2; its primary goal was to curb the chance of HIV transmission. The oral formulation of tenofovir, which is usually marketed as Viread, is used to treat HIV already, the virus that causes AIDS. Earlier results from the trial had suggested the gel version may reduce women’s threat of contracting HIV.