Human DNA has hundreds of thousands of tiny most instances Sverige onlineapotek . Insignificant in most instances. For a number of years, it is possible to use these DNA genes genes in the presence of all kinds of track involved diseases. This is done by looking for variations in DNA in in men than in sick health. To this end, more than 300,000 variations for each individual, a genome-wide association studies report analyzes. This technique has, in recent years, often for immune-related diseases as a result of many genes Having at least two a role in these diseases.

Different immune disorders have a strong genetic overlapbe a limited number of genes appear in the development of eleven immune diseases such as type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis participated. This is from an analysis by geneticists at the University Medical Center Groningen arisen all around the world conducted association studies of these diseases. The analysis shows that although the diseases have different manifestations, they also have a large, comparable origin. This is a major advance in our understanding of why patients can have several diseases at the same time, and why do they are more common in families. They have their results in the latest issue of Nature Reviews Genetics, the 18 online Appeared in December 2008 and investigate where they published the common genetic origin of various immunological disorders.

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