This initial effort focused on psychology because members of the team that started the project are psychologists, Nosek said. But, Nosek’s center has since started focusing on a similar project in cancer biology, and hopes to expand to additional fields in the future. There are factors to expect that there might be similar problems across disciplines, because the incentives driving individual scientist’s behavior have become similar across disciplines. It’s a very competitive marketplace in all study disciplines, Nosek said.Major episodes of major depression last for at least two weeks, with impairment in performing daily activities, and a combination of symptoms such as a depressed mood, lack of enjoyment in previously pleasurable actions, changes in appetite, adjustments in sleep patterns, lack of energy and motivation, difficulty concentrating, and mental poison about themselves and the near future, including suicidal thoughts. Those who are depressed select themselves into stressful environments often, or donate to such conditions through difficult relationships with romantic partners or families, that may result in chronic or recurring unhappiness for themselves, Hammen said.