Vehicle: Beemer
Dress: Speedo
Housing: Bitchin’ Pad in Jersey
Friends: Vin, Ernie (Junior High Buds)
Nicknames: Big Man, da Slicksta’

To be this cool guy, you need some lightly colored Gucci Sunglasses and a black or bright yellow BMW.

A good way to seem important is to constantly talk on your cell phone, especially while you are doing one-arm curls at the gym. People love this.

Often times, you must go to the tanning salon to make sure your tan is even. Always tan naked, but be sure to wipe down the machine before you mount it.

The gym isn’t really neccessary, because your body is naturally buff, and you know it! Get a nipple ring if you find yourself dancing alone in the clubs at night. What can we learn from this cool guy?

A completely shaved body = chicks

Pluck those eyebrows

Talk with a fake Brooklyn accent and say: “what the f*ck?” A lot!