Vehicle: 92 Miata
Dress: Collar Shirt, Bare Feet
Housing: Studio Apt Near El Torito, Reseda CA
Friends: Cool College Neighbor Chick
Nicknames: Biff, Rico

This cool guy never stops having fun. He is usually at every Jimmy Buffet concert in his friends Bronco.

His coolness comes through because he always has a beer in his hand, and is always laughing at everyone’s jokes. His most effective way of showing his coolness is letting everyone know that he “gets” the joke, therefore laughing quicker and louder than anyone in the group.

One thing we can learn from this cool guy: Chicks dig it when you act like you know how to play the guitar. If they ask you to play a specific song, just smile and say “I was classicly trained, I usually don’t play those stupid rock tunes.”