Although the technology is still in its advancement stage, the ongoing company have announced their first attempt at 3D Printing Silicone breast implants. Tom Fripp, among the founders and inventors of Picsima commented: For some time we now have been asked about the feasibility of 3D Printing Breasts implants. The choices of silicone breasts implants for women, needing to undergo reconstructive medical procedures, is very limited. This is simply not good for women for a true number of reasons, they have to spend a comparatively long time in surgery under anaesthetic due to enough time the surgeon must perform the reconstruction and the resultant reconstruction often does not reflect the desired look a women wants.SFAz funding in addition has enabled Frasch to increase the method to do protein recognition at the one molecule level. This is novel because, unlike DNA, proteins can’t be amplified to improve the probability of detection artificially. The module, developed with materials and assistance from the National Middle for Complementary and Alternative Medicine , provides customers and health care professionals information on the potency of CAM therapies for handling pain, possible side risks and effects connected with each therapy, and how these therapies can safely be used.