Federal limits. Ten out of 11 tea varieties, including Antioxidant Blood Sleepytime and Orange Children Goodnight Grape were discovered to have excess pesticides. Don’t let that term ‘all natural’ fool youCelestial Seasonings, possessed by parent organization Hain Celestial, is one of the largest specialty tea producers in THE UNITED STATES. Its website and marketing components proclaim that Celestial Seasonings was ‘founded on the fact that all-natural natural teas could help people live healthier lives.The patient’s reflexes had been exaggerated in both hip and legs. Feeling of vibration was absent in his ft, and there was partial hypoesthesia on the remaining part. His only motor indicator was slight paresis in the proper arm. Evaluation of the cerebrospinal liquid showed oligoclonal IgG bands. The patient’s rating on the Kurtzke Extended Disability Status Level was 3.5 . MRI of the mind and spinal cord in December 2006 demonstrated results much like those on the scan attained in November, although approximately 10 lesions were also visible on the spinal cord on T2-weighted pictures . The individual was treated with intravenous methylprednisolone for 3 consecutive days.