Vehicle: Hummer
Dress: 501’s, nuff said
Housing: Cabana Near Beach
Friends: Loner = Cool
Nicknames: That Guy

All anyone can say is “WOW!!”

This cool guy doesn’t even have a gym membership because he works out at the park on those obstacle course things. This way he gets maximum exposure to any and all who have come to spend time at the park. (not to mention the great cardio workout.)

Fabio Guy teaches us a few things about being cool.

  1. Chicks and other guys will admire you if you have longer hair than your date.
  2. Everyone is looking at you, and they like what they see, he guarantees it.
  3. It does NOT hurt to have a Hummer and a big ole’ dog named “Chachi”

Fabio guy does not have to work hard at being cool. His hair and tight jeans do the work for him.

To be this cool guy is a mountain you must climb. Not only must you have great hair, you must also master the art of NOT turning around when someone whistles in the distance.

That is the ultimate cool move.