Since 1976, Aravind has research from a rented house with 11 beds to a thriving network of hospitals and satellite clinics, eye exams and surgeries, train health professionals, and manufacture eye care products have grown. – Outreach teams from Aravind hospitals coordinate with local leaders and service groups across India to ‘Eye Camps ‘, the tests are free to organize. Since 2004 Aravind high-speed broadband access has become used to. These camps directly to on-call doctors in central hospitals Physicians diagnose and refer patients in real time, so that only those require an operation to make the journey to hospital.

Gates Sr., co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will receive the award on 29 May present at the 35th Since 1976, Global Health Council International Conference in Washington.

Aravind ‘s innovative business model allows us to pay the same high quality care for all patients regardless of their ability to give without donations. The organization promotes local businesses sponsoring eye hospitals, and subsidizes care for the poor through fees from paying patients and global sales of eye care products. – Ensuring access to the world’s poorest people to basic health care is an ongoing challenge in global health, said Dr.The parties concerned think of obsessive about their looks and at in themselves, time-consuming practices, such as checking their appearance in the mirror. Much too embarrassing leaving the house leave the house, some have repeated and undue cosmetic operations, and still others may is suicidally BDD is estimated to affect 2 per cent of population and it is believed that particularly in people by obsessive-compulsive disorder.