Vehicle: ’86 4Runner
Dress: Old Navy Rugged Collection
Housing: With Mom
Friends: Jon and Ron – Brothers in Law
Nicknames: EOE (Expert on Everything)

This cool guy knows just about everything there is to know about “outdoorsie” types of things.

This cool guy owns a collection of outdoor type clothes, fully equipped with Payless hiking boots, poncho (not pictured), vest and khaki’s.

When you are looking to impress women and other people in the woods, always carry your walking stick and point out rock formations foliage and animals that no one else in your party could possibly recognize.

When you are sure they have no idea what you are talking about, make up strange facts and tidbits of information so that you look cool, and knowledgable about the outside world.

*important* – Remember not to travel with actual geologists, birdwatchers, archeologists, doctors, attorneys, computer experts, sports fans or professors. They will be sure to expose that you don’t know anything.