In our day to day life, different circumstances spoil our positive mental state. At these junctures we encounter incredible mental hazards and experiencing such conditions, we sometimes develop a negative state of mind, which is not very healthy for our day to day living. Every single day, the number of mentally stressed people is growing incessantly. To avoid any type of disorder of our thoughts or mental works, we should consult with a Clinical psychologist, who is expert in this field in helping people who have mental sufferings. You should have to find every instance that will help being happy and thus leading a harmonious, progressive and positive life.I hope the guidelines above assist you to maximize the benefits from your own personal yoga practice.

#14Days: Tips from the Daily Love’s Mastin Kipp Founder of the Daily Love and author of the new book, ‘Daily Love: Growing into Grace,’ Mastin Kipp is in long-term recovery from alcohol and drugs. Kipp shared some of his hard-gained wisdom with CBS News to greatly help those of you involved in #14Times on the Wagon challenge see it through this weekend. Although it may have been pretty possible for you to stop drinking through the work week, the weekend includes its own set of temptations and complications. Here are five of Kipp’s ideas to help you stay the course if you are having a hardcore day: 1. Get some good space.