Dr Gullotta stated the true issue was a lack of access to ward beds, a decreased wellness workforce and underfunding. Pointing the finger at mass billing was just a method of trying to force all of the blame onto the government.That is especially good when catering for large or small demands from the market. The quality control systems in the private label for dietary supplement facility should be GMP approved. This facility must have an in-home analytical laboratory capable of screening for microbial activity and weighty metals. A private label for dietary product company that incorporates alternative party lab testing of their products to their testing procedures is an added plus. You would not want your dietary supplement products to be the first product an exclusive label for dietary dietary supplement service facility manufactures; the risks of the merchandise failing on the market will be too much. On the contrary, choose a company that has wide and long experience in offering private label for dietary product providers and which brings added value to its customers.