Vehicle: The New Beetle
Dress: Retro
Housing: With Rick (Talk to the Hand Guy)
Friends: Rick
Nicknames: N/A

Don’t Go There Guy is always on the lookout for social misfits, and tells them ‘Not to go there.’ ‘There’ is usually some sort of socially inappropriate place, where by going there, one is violating Don’t Go There Guy’s sense of well being, and throws him into a spasmic sputtering of playful reprimands which include the waving of his finger and rolling of his eyes.

Don’t Go There Guy also prevents any insulting behavior by his friends by exclaiming “Don’t you EVEN go there!” More often than not, his friends DO go there, and Don’t Go There Guy has to leave based on principle. He usually misses out on all of the good times too.

His situation is made more complicated because his roomate is “Talk to the Hand Guy” – who is CONSTANTLY telling Don’t Go There Guy to talk to his hand. Hours later, they still argure over whether or not Talk to the Hand Guy went there, or if Don’t Go There Guy is actually talking to the hand.

Don’t Go There Guy is not very cool, come to think of it.