Vehicle: Escalade
Dress: Kenneth Cole
Housing: The Hamptons, baby!
Friends: Cash Guy, Check Guy, Change Guy
Nicknames: Moneybags, The Tipster

Credit card guy is good to be if you have a bunch of credit cards. It is fun to attract friends and pay for dinners on credit cards, as long as EVERYONE knows that YOU are paying, and that they don’t EVER have to pay you back. It is fun to be Credit Card Guy, but also VERY expensive. Unless you plan on declaring bankruptcy.

Credit card guy pays for EVERYTHING on a CREDIT CARD. Movies, dinners, cars, even gum. He has so many credit cards that he has cleverly set them up to PAY FOR EACHOTHER each month. A small operation he calls REVOLVING DEBT. Revolving debt can be fun if you know how to do it.

Credit Card Guy likes to buy things, so if you want to be cool like Credit Card Guy, go and get some good credit cards like VISA and Mastercard. And get them from a reputable bank, like PROVIDIAN or CAPITAL ONE. You will soon rule.