Vehicle: Honda Rodeo
Housing: “Only at home under the stars”
Friends: AOL Buddy: wstrngrl4454
Nicknames: Tex, Big Sky, Fred

Cowboy Guy is cool because he has picked a persona that has a personal connection: His grand-daddy’s Daddy used to be the cousin of a real life Deputy Sheriff. That means that being a cowboy is actually in his blood.

Cowboy guy actually works at JC Penny in the jewelry department and has never ridden a horse, but he DOES have a Honda Rodeo, and he hangs out at the new Denny’s where they have a cowboy night every third Thursday each month. Needless to say, he orders the Big Texas Chicken Fajita Skillet (pictured) almost everytime.

The pants tucked into the boots complete the outfit, and this assures that no one will think you are gay.