Conducted by Dr. Of Polar Expeditions – polar explorer can cause adverse psychological changes as they struggle with insulation to manage extreme conditions and tight environments. On the other hand, after the euphoria of the success brings so much positive impact cope, according to a report in this week’s issue of The Lancet .

The authors noted that most closely polar expedition groups and solidarity, seasonal affective disorder,a common source of stress seem to be. The authors divided the symptoms into three main categories ‘Syndrome’, a group of symptoms a group of symptoms, such as insomnia, weakening cognitive, negative tensions and conflicts – collectively referred to as ‘winter-over syndrome ‘known. You describe it as a subclinical disease, which is similar to subclinical depression. Symptoms peak halfway through the expedition – probably because people realize that they are only halfway there. Tend in the second half improve symptoms. – The moods of discoverers are also due to changes in thyroid function, such as ‘ polar T3 syndrome ‘be affected the known symptoms are no different from the seasonal highs and lows seen in serum TSH hormone at the poles. Subsyndromal seasonal affective disorder, to differences in patterns of darkness and light is connected.

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