‘The scientific data we are producing with tivozanib in our Phase 1b mixture studies are informing our development strategy as we appear toward potential registration paths in multiple tumor types in the future. We look forward to presenting additional mixture data at forthcoming medical congresses this season.’.. AVEO commences enrollment in Stage 1b mixture trial of tivozanib with oral capecitabine in advanced tumors AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. That is one of several mixture trials ongoing to explore the potential usage of tivozanib in conjunction with leading targeted therapies and chemotherapeutic regimens in multiple cancers including kidney, colorectal and breasts cancers.D., chief medical director and officer of drug development at the Sarah Cannon Research Institute.S.We know how NoteSwift has improved the medical speech recognition process. It was an easy decision for us to add NoteSwift to your offerings and supply it right to our users in reducing clicks and speed up the patient documentation process. WHEN I was walked by your physician through the mathematics of 8 clicks per patient, times 20 patients each day, in a practice of 60 physicians, it had been clear the way the productivity savings shall accumulate fast.