For the PodoNet Consortium: MYO1Electronic Mutations and Childhood Familial Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis.. Caterina Mele, Biol.Sci.D., Paraskevas Iatropoulos, M.D., Roberta Donadelli, Biol.Sci.D., Andrea Calabria, Eng.D., Ramona Maranta, Biol.Sci.D., Paola Cassis, Ph.D., Simona Buelli, Ph.D., Susanna Tomasoni, Ph.D., Rossella Piras, Chem.Pharm.D., Mira Krendel, Ph.D., Serena Bettoni, Biotech.D., Marina Morigi, Ph.D., Massimo Delledonne, Ph.D., Carmine Pecoraro, M.D., Isabella Abbate, Ph.D., Maria Rosaria Capobianchi, Ph.D., Friedhelm Hildebrandt, M.D., Edgar Otto, M.D., Franz Schaefer, M.D., Fabio Macciardi, M.D., Fatih Ozaltin, M.D., Sevinc Emre, M.D., Tulin Ibsirlioglu, Ph.D., Ariela Benigni, Ph.D., Giuseppe Remuzzi, M.D., and Marina Noris, Ph.D.If we can not confess the issue for what it is among us and within us, change is difficult. People in positions of power must begin questioning the orders that they are provided if these orders do not align with good morals and ideals. Everyone must confess their personal managing and violent intentions within, choosing rather to put love before power. The reality of the violence is genuine, but ultimately the abuse and human infighting certainly are a reflection of what the human species does not want to be. Two: To reverse this harmful reality, it’s important to start teaching the Golden Rule in everything we perform, knowing that what we do to others, we perform to ourselves.