Non-etheless, we found a strong association between TFAP2E methylation and too little fluorouracil-based chemotherapy response in the tumor in four independent cohorts of patients with colorectal cancers. Random-effects model analysis of the pooled cohort data revealed that the likelihood of response to treatment was six times as high among sufferers with hypomethylation as among sufferers with hypermethylation. The correlation was observed in principal rectal cancers and metastatic colorectal cancers, independent of if the treatment was fluorouracil-based chemoradiation or chemotherapy.This is a shocking revelation, especially considering the fact that the current administration promised to become the most transparent in the nation’s history. Actually, the Obama Administration has shown itself to be remorseless in pursuing those who leak details to the press and in spying on reporters who dare to research its activities. A free press is fundamental to a free society, as well as perhaps the most troubling aspect of this story is the reality that so few reporters seem outraged or even concerned about the government’s interference within their profession. It’s as though we as a culture have grown to be used to the idea that privacy is no longer a basic human right. It’s bad enough when the common citizen has given up on the idea that it’s wrong for our federal government to spy on us, however when members of the press acknowledge surveillance as an acknowledged fact of life, it would seem to indicate that our society is in deep trouble.