AVONEX outcomes in fewer injection site reactions, according to a scientific study Data from an observational stage IV study of 499 individuals entitled The Swiss MS Skin Project display that multiple sclerosis individuals taking AVONEX reported significantly fewer injection site reactions in comparison to individuals on Betaferon – , Copaxone – or Rebif – . The study also showed AVONEX sufferers were less inclined to have missed a dose due to an injection site response in the a month prior to first assessment than those individuals on other interferon therapies. These data were presented as a poster at the 25th Annual European Committee for Treatment and Analysis in Multiple Sclerosis meeting in D-sseldorf, Germany drug information .

OCreate high-quality, accessible tissue repositories and biobanks to enhance research attempts oPromote common terminology for kid diagnoses and their continued inclusion in upcoming revisions of The International Classification of Diseases . ‘As our knowledge of the distinctions between adult and child ILD developed, the need for clinical practice recommendations on the management and diagnosis of chILD became clear,’ stated Dr. Kurland. ‘These guidelines should help clinicians navigate the evaluation and administration of kids with this complicated constellation of diseases.’.. ATS releases clinical practice guidelines on administration of childhood ILD in infants The American Thoracic Culture has released new clinical practice guidelines on the classification, evaluation and management of childhood interstitial lung disease in infants.