These are designed to help sufferers better understand the security checks and balances that are placed into place to guard against errors. Those questions are available for download on our patient website also to view as videos posted on YouTube. Developed a free self-evaluation module titled Quality Assurance for Advanced Technology Radiation Therapy to review and recognize quality assurance processes for all ASTRO members. Focused on incorporating quality and security educational content in every ASTRO meetings to make sure attendees have the assets necessary to provide safe and effective patient care.Methods Study Sufferers and Design We conducted a parallel-group, randomized, placebo-controlled trial with triple blinding in five institutions in Quebec. The institutional review board at each site approved the study. Parents gave written informed consent for study participation. GlaxoSmithKline , one of the main sponsors of the study, and the general public funding firms had no insight in the look and conduct of the analysis, the analysis of the data, or the planning of the manuscript; the academic authors attest to the completeness and accuracy of the reported data. Hospital entrance, a common marker of severe exacerbations, was not a prerequisite for enrollment.