Wilkinson initially became interested in health care disparities for adults with disabilities after meeting her first I/DD patient twelve years ago as a family doctor. She entered a two-calendar year fellowship to explore the amount of federal government support of I/DD research and became a member of the faculty at BUSM. She has since received a National Tumor Institute award to review mammography in women with intellectual disabilities, executed major data collection for study into the insufficient info on adults with I/DD in national data models and led three annual teaching conferences for doctors who care for adults with I/DD.The association believes that all participants in clinical study – no matter where they live or the surroundings in which research occurs – must be covered by the same degree of safety, ethical considerations and standards of care. We promote efforts to strengthen the globalization of the clinical research enterprise in order to speed the advancement of life-saving medicines and treatments for patients who need them. Findings from a July 2009 study concluded that globalized trials can decrease development time by more than half while preserving quality and basic safety. ACRO will continue its efforts to collaborate with stakeholders around the world to enhance clinical advancement and encourage clinical research participation.