ASCP honors BMC resident for clinical and anatomic pathology Stephen Hammond, MD, a fourth-year resident in clinical and anatomic pathology at Boston Medical Center , recently received the highly coveted Resident Leadership Representative Award from the American Society for Clinical Pathology for demonstrating leadership and promoting ASCP membership and resident activities. In addition, Hammond collaborating with the laboratory team led by Dr. Martin Kroll, won the best poster by a resident at the latest ASCP meeting for his display ‘Reducing Patient Waiting Situations for Phlebotomy.’ Born and educated in the United Kingdom, Hammond came to america in 2008 for his residency to review both anatomic and scientific pathology, which have to be studied individually in his native country.While there is no treatment for arthritis, a wholesome lifestyle which includes regular physical exercise can improve standard of living explains Dr. Borenstein. And, working out can be quite motivating and one of the easiest methods to combat discomfort from arthritis and rheumatic diseases. In addition to celebrating World Arthritis Day time, the ACR partners with the Arthritis Base on its Advertisement Council campaign to help people age 55 and up who possess, or are in risk for developing, osteoarthritis discover movement as a weapon in the fight arthritis.