The electrical component of acupuncture Current study suggests that there is a specific romantic relationship between acupuncture points, meridians and the electric currents of the body. In the 1970s, Robert O. Becker, M.D., and biophysicist Maria Reichmanis were able to prove that electrical currents did circulation along the historic Chinese meridians and that 25 percent of the acupuncture factors existed along those scientifically measurable lines. They reasoned these points acted as amplifiers to improve the minute electrical signals as they traveled along the body and that the insertion of a needle could interfere with the flow and block the stimulus of pain.Early stages of the cancers cause relatively vague symptoms and many malignancies go undetected until other organs and tissues are involved.

All You Need To Know About Polysomnogram Test Polysomnogram test, commonly called while the ‘Sleep Research’ is performed to diagnose the rest disorder in men, women and children. The test is conducted when you are fully asleep so as to observe your sleeping practices where your doctor records your sleeping patterns and discovers sleep disorders if any. During Polysomnogram test, the physician examines your blood oxygen level, brainwaves, eyesight movement, heart breathing and motions rates to greatly help graph your rest intervals. Polysomnogram test records your body changes between your two stages of rest: Rapid eye movement sleep and the non-rapid eye movement rest .